The Budget: $9-15 The Specs: Hungry Noodle The Mood: Become part of the family in 5 seconds or leave and watch Netflix The Place: 77 Norman Avenue This is the very first restaurant I ate at when I moved to Greenpoint. And it quickly became my go-to Thai place. I’m not always one to share my go-to places. … Continue reading Hungry?

Mamoun’s Falafel

The Budget: $3.50-$7 The Specs: Falafel Sandwich and Spinach Pie The Mood: Wait-in-line-hole-in-the-wall-take-to-go-eat-in-park The Place: 119 MacDougal Street Getting food to-go and eating it in the park while reading a book and watching people can be ranked as one of my favorite things to do. Yesterday was just that sort of day, except it wasn’t just that sort of … Continue reading Mamoun’s Falafel

Tom’s Restaurant

The Budget: $6.50-$13.50 The Specs: Fresh Eggs with Bacon The Mood: A diner that actually serves good food and isn’t ripping you off The Place: 782 Washington Avenue There are two things you should know about me at this very moment. For one, of course I love breakfast food (it’s a staple), and of course the best time to … Continue reading Tom’s Restaurant

Wo Hop

The Budget: $6-$18 The Specs: Fried Fish Filet The Mood: Chinese basement where famous people have also sat The Place: 17 Mott Street It’s been around since 1938, so you know this place is doing something right. Welcome to Wo Hop on Mott Street. According to this New York Times article, Wo Hop “predates the arrival in New York of all … Continue reading Wo Hop

King Noodle

The Budget: $11-$16 The Specs: Khao Soi The Mood: Noodles and such in a 16-year-old’s room from the 90’s The Place: 1045 Flushing Ave Welcome to Bushwick, one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City. They have the thrift shops, the late-night restaurants, the little mom-and-pop stores, and people who genuinely seem to appreciate their surroundings without feeling … Continue reading King Noodle

Kome Waza

The Budget: $12-$13 The Specs: Poke bowls The Mood: Japanese minimalist Chipotle The Place: 40 Water Street Kome Waza is jumping on the East Coast poke trend as they say. I say they’re doing a really great job. The word that stands out in my mind when I think of this place is “clean.” Yes, the place itself was rather tidy, … Continue reading Kome Waza


The Budget: $12.50 The Specs: Tuna Avocado Poached Egg The Mood: Manspread Study Spot The Place: 130 Franklin St. Tribecca is lovely–it’s family centered, the streets are wider, yet there’s still that sense of character and homeyness you lose when the property value skyrockets so high. While Tribecca is not necessarily on the weekly destination hit-list, there are a couple places … Continue reading Gotan